Today Tagul is switched to serve content through SSL. If you look at the URL bar, you’ll see https at the beginning of the URL. That extra s after “http” means you’re browsing over an encrypted and secure connection. Now 100% of Tagul web traffic is served over a secure, SSL connection.

What is SSL and why does it matter?
An SSL connection encrypts all the data that is passed between your browser and our web server. This prevents someone from intercepting those communications. SSL is like two people talking in a private room. Unencrypted connections of the http variety are like talking in a crowded bar, where anyone on the network can listen in. As the web matures, and attacks get more sophisticated, SSL is becoming more and more important.

We take security seriously at Tagul and we are excited to offer this extra layer of privacy and security to our customers and visitors.

Dear Tagul users!

Since launching Premium a week ago I received several complaints about pitfalls of Premium subscription.

The main concern was about restrictive license that among other things preserved the rights for clouds to and required attribution to the site. It was not acceptable for many businesses.

After considering the complaints I decided to change the Premium terms and pricing. New pricing is higher ($7.95 USD per month in case 12 months are prepaid) but now every Premium user is allowed to use Tagul clouds commercially without attribution to

Have a nice day!

Dear Tagul users!

Today Premium subscription is being introduced.
Premium subscription primarily targets users that use Tagul service in commercial purposes that way or another. But if you love Tagul and want to support its further development please feel free to purchase Premium subscription as well.

Premium subscription costs $9.95 per month and includes the features below:

* No ads on the site
* Export in Vector and High Resolution formats
* Commercial License for all created clouds
* API access

Therefore the above features are no longer available to free users.

Also changes to license terms have been made. Please read the new terms here.

Have a nice day!

Dear Tagul users!

Glad to announce that embedding functionality is finally back!
It was the final step in migrating from Flash to HTML5 and now there is absolutely no Flash in Tagul.

If you earlier embedded your cloud in Flash then I strongly recommend you to update your web page with new (pure HTML5) code. The old flash code is not supported from now on.


Dear Tagul users!

Today I am glad to announce a big update at Tagul generator has been completely rewritten in HTML5 from scratch and more features were added (see the changes list at the end).

The reason behind the change is that HTML5 is natively supported by both desktop and mobile browsers while Flash is not. That leads to better user experience and support of wide range of mobile devices like iPad, iPhone Android tablets and phones.

The drawback is that HTML5 is modern technology and is not supported by old browsers (like Internet Explorer earlier than 10 version). Therefore if you start to see "Your browser is not supported" message please update your browser to the latest version or use any alternative one like Chrome or Firefox.

The transition from Flash to HTML5 is not completely finished yet. At the moment clouds web embedding is disabled as some more work needs to be done there. If you embedded your cloud in flash version earlier - you have nothing to worry about. Your clouds are still working and I will support it. When web embedding is enabled again you will be able to replace your flash clouds with HTML5 versions.

In general new HTML5 generator mimics the functionality of old flash version with the below improvements:

* Tags Source section renamed to Words with some re-factoring making it more user friendly to use
* Filter common words section is removed. Now common words are removed automatically when you import words (it can be disabled using the corresponding checkbox).
* Added Shapes section with many new shapes
* Fonts now support more characters and languages
* Layout section added which allows to control words orientation, amount and size
* Grab and share section re-factored to make it more user friendly
* EPS file export added

Best regards,