Tagul clouds now can be viewed on devices without flash support like ipad, iphone, etc. (But unfortunately you still can't create a cloud using non-flash device) It is done by delivering SVG instead of flash to such devices. SVG version doesn't support animation but it looks the same and still clickable.

New embedding code is available in the same place in the cloud generation form.
If you have already embedded your cloud it is recommended that you update its embedding code on your web page.

Hope you enjoy it!

Hi everyone!

Now you can make your cloud's background color transparent. Just go to "Colors and Animations" and move the slider to zero (or whatever transparency level you want):
background transparency slider

If you already embed your cloud you should update the embedding code. As always you can find the correct embedding code in "Grab and Share!" -> "Place on a web page" section.

Thanks for using Tagul,

Hi everyone!

Since Tagul launch I start receiving complaints from users that it is quite complex to create a cloud with Tagul. So I've redesigned the cloud creation form from scratch in order to make it easier to use and more user friendly. Recently I've replaced the old form with the new one on Tagul site.

New form also contains new features that were commonly asked:

  • Save your cloud as png or svg image

  • Print your cloud

I hope you enjoy it!

I should have created the gallery long before today. But it's better now than never. So enjoy the Gallery as a showcase what can be done with Tagul. It's somewhat empty right now but I am going to fill it constantly.

I've completely rewritten the code behind Tagul cloud generator. The main purpose behind was to improve the way Tagul handle cloud shapes. Now the shapes should be more precise. Also new algorithms allow to use any kind of custom shapes for clouds. Here is a demonstration of Android shape:

Custom shapes are not available for Tagul site users yet because the front-end cloud building form must be enhanced to handle it. There is a big complaint related to the building form complexity for using. So I am planning to rebuild it to make it easier to build clouds and then add custom shapes support.

BTW custom shapes are ready to be used with the API.