Dear Tagul users!

Today I am glad to announce a big update at Tagul generator has been completely rewritten in HTML5 from scratch and more features were added (see the changes list at the end).

The reason behind the change is that HTML5 is natively supported by both desktop and mobile browsers while Flash is not. That leads to better user experience and support of wide range of mobile devices like iPad, iPhone Android tablets and phones.

The drawback is that HTML5 is modern technology and is not supported by old browsers (like Internet Explorer earlier than 10 version). Therefore if you start to see "Your browser is not supported" message please update your browser to the latest version or use any alternative one like Chrome or Firefox.

The transition from Flash to HTML5 is not completely finished yet. At the moment clouds web embedding is disabled as some more work needs to be done there. If you embedded your cloud in flash version earlier - you have nothing to worry about. Your clouds are still working and I will support it. When web embedding is enabled again you will be able to replace your flash clouds with HTML5 versions.

In general new HTML5 generator mimics the functionality of old flash version with the below improvements:

* Tags Source section renamed to Words with some re-factoring making it more user friendly to use
* Filter common words section is removed. Now common words are removed automatically when you import words (it can be disabled using the corresponding checkbox).
* Added Shapes section with many new shapes
* Fonts now support more characters and languages
* Layout section added which allows to control words orientation, amount and size
* Grab and share section re-factored to make it more user friendly
* EPS file export added

Best regards,

[UPDATE: below info is out of date because Tagul generator form has been changed]

I am often asked on how to create a cloud with custom shape.
Here is the tutorial on how to do it:

1) Find an image with a shape you want to use and save it to your computer. It can be either colored or black & white. Words will be placed on non-white space. Here is an example of Giraffe image which I used in Gallery.

2) In your cloud form go to Appearance section and choose "Custom shape" as it is shown on the screenshot below:

3) Then click on the box (that says: "Click here" :)) and select your image file.

In the appeared window use Threshold and Blur sliders to adjust the selected image. REMEMBER: the words will be placed on non-white space.

4) Then click OK and Visualize your cloud.

Enjoy creating word clouds with!

Hi Tagul users!

I've been getting complaints about signing up process and made some changes to make it more convenient.

The most important change is that your password is not auto generated anymore. It means you don't need to use some hard to remember auto generated password anymore. When signing up or resetting password you can input the password you can remember. But don't do it too simple (like 12345) as then it can be guessed and your clouds could be compromised.

Hope it will make Tagul more convenient to use.

Best regards,

Hi Tagul users!

Today I am excited to present a new feature of Tagul clouds - colored shape.

Now you can select any colored image as your cloud shape and Tagul will automatically fill words in shape's colors.

On the left you can see Windows logo with colored shape feature.


Hello Tagul users!

I've finally changed the front page design.
The old design with big heart cloud (see screeshot on the left) has been there for 4 years since Tagul went live. But it's time to move on and let's welcome the new front page.

Please tell me what you think? Do you like the new front page design?