Social login changes

Today along with SSL everywhere change there is another important change implemented in social login mechanism.

Tagul is used to rely on Loginza service for a long time. But unfortunately it always has some gliches and we permanently got complaints that it didn't work for someone. Moreover Loginza seems to be not developed anymore therefore we decided to replace it.

After some research we have chosen excellent HybridAuth library as a substitute. HybridAuth allows us to avoid relying on third party services and acts as an abstract api between Tagul application and various social apis and identities providers such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google.

From Tagul users perspective we hope that now social login will be more reliable and stable. Currently only Google, Facebook and Twitter social networks are supported. They cover about 95% of all social logins at Tagul made so far.

If you previously used another service and want to access your account here is what you can do:

1) Try to get password for your account. Go to lost password page and input your email. Chances are your email is in our database and then you will be sent a password resetting link. Reset the password and use Email & Password credentials to access the site.

2) If the above didn't work for you please write to all the info you remember. E.g. what social/openid network did you used? How many clouds you had? Send some saved cloud images if you have. Etc. Then we will try to identify your account and give you access to it.

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