Sign up process changed

Hi Tagul users!

I've been getting complaints about signing up process and made some changes to make it more convenient.

The most important change is that your password is not auto generated anymore. It means you don't need to use some hard to remember auto generated password anymore. When signing up or resetting password you can input the password you can remember. But don't do it too simple (like 12345) as then it can be guessed and your clouds could be compromised.

Hope it will make Tagul more convenient to use.

Best regards,

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  • tharms 10 years ago #

    The sign up was easy, but when I try to create a cloud it gives me a blank page and I can't do anything???

    • Alex 10 years ago #

      Please ensure you have installed flash player 11 at least

      • matistie000 10 years ago #

        Is there any way you can just print the cloud on a piece of paper instead of on a t shirt or post card or something? I really just want to print it on my printer right now!

        • tolson 10 years ago #

          I agree! What happened whit plaint printing to paper?

  • fmstech 10 years ago #

    i like this website

  • Daviid 10 years ago #

    Anyone that complains about your web site should be take outside and shot - slowly. It's great - thanks very much

  • bevsbambinos 10 years ago #

    brill site but could anyone tell me how to perhaps do a different shape please xx

  • samrock 9 years ago #

    I have signed up fine but when I go to New Cloud I can't get a blank box to type my words into and put it in a house shape etc and visualise ready for printing. How do I get a blank typing box rather than the demo words etc?

    • Alex 9 years ago #

      Please click on import from text button at the top panel to get a blank typing box.

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