Custom shape tutorial

[UPDATE: below info is out of date because Tagul generator form has been changed]

I am often asked on how to create a cloud with custom shape.
Here is the tutorial on how to do it:

1) Find an image with a shape you want to use and save it to your computer. It can be either colored or black & white. Words will be placed on non-white space. Here is an example of Giraffe image which I used in Gallery.

2) In your cloud form go to Appearance section and choose "Custom shape" as it is shown on the screenshot below:

3) Then click on the box (that says: "Click here" :)) and select your image file.

In the appeared window use Threshold and Blur sliders to adjust the selected image. REMEMBER: the words will be placed on non-white space.

4) Then click OK and Visualize your cloud.

Enjoy creating word clouds with!

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  • ijkloijklo 10 years ago #

    paris parigi tour eiffel high beautiful magnifique awesome ferro

  • kimmyarocks 10 years ago #

    an amazing site. really helps with projects!!!

  • estherafolabi 10 years ago #

    wait i dont get how to print it???? ok.....every time I freaking clik PRINT, it never pulls up the whole page, they just pull up the tags part and its' really pissing me off

  • gypsyrps 10 years ago #

    HELP! I am trying to follow your steps but keep getting an error message once I try to select an image on my computer. I want to use the giraffe one just like the one in the gallery. Does my image need to be in a certain format? I’ve tried PDF and eps.

    • Alex 10 years ago #

      Your image should be in PNG or JPEG format. Not PDF or EPS.

  • piyu1803 10 years ago #

    I am not getting how to write in it

    • zephyranthes 10 years ago #

      piyu1803, all you have to do is click "clear all text" and then type your own words in the boxes.

  • Dylan.도 10 years ago #

    Hello everyone. I'm trying to use a custom shape for my word cloud, but whenever I click the rectangle that says click here to choose your custom shape image, this pops up: "2041 - Error - Error #2041".
    Someone please help me!

  • zephyranthes 10 years ago #

    Amazing! So easy to use! And its really great for "creative" school projects!

  • MrsTrouble 10 years ago #

    I don't know how to save my cloud I tried going to grab and share but that doesn't allow me to save Help x

    • Alex 10 years ago #

      Could you please have a look into Downloads folder in your computer?
      If you clouds are not there could you please try another browser like Chrome or Firefox?

  • tessbud 10 years ago #

    I have created a hand print with the names of my students inside. I want to print it smaller than 8.5x11 - but the image goes off the page. How can I shrink the image?

  • dexter09 10 years ago #

    Hi is it possible to put the words onto the shapes myself? or do I have to have them where they have been generated?


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