Colored shapes

Hi Tagul users!

Today I am excited to present a new feature of Tagul clouds - colored shape.

Now you can select any colored image as your cloud shape and Tagul will automatically fill words in shape's colors.

On the left you can see Windows logo with colored shape feature.


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  • TechClay 8 years ago #

    Hi Alex, this is AWESOME! I just found this site and I think it is absolutely fantastic! I love being able to import my own shapes. I will be using this site frequently birthdays, parties, anniversaries, church, school.........

    • Midela 8 years ago #

      Awesome new feature, thanks Alex!!

      • Sassy50 8 years ago #

        Amazing feature love it

    • Roberta.Lungu 7 years ago #

      That is the best news ever! I`m new here and all excited to start creating!

  • susan brambell 8 years ago #

    Love the new coloured shapes, well done Alex.

    • caronk 7 years ago #

      How do you get access to the coloured shapes please?

  • akeck 8 years ago #

    Absolutely fantastic and very, very cool.

  • Cheryl.Melchizedek 7 years ago #


    Thank you for the new features.....I'm absolutely hooked on to this now! :)

  • Sesalee 7 years ago #

    Hi, I stumbled across this site and let me tell you, the opportunity to create something useful is better than any other site I've found to do this. I'm still stumbling around trying to make my vision a reality here, but at least there are options for shape, color etc. Keep up the great work!

  • jaime3 7 years ago #

    hello i can find out to do the different shapes (custom ones) anyone help?

  • CREAMFIELDS 7 years ago #

    This website is the best page i have evr come across so simple to you and creates some fantastic are for the family and also just putting words into boxes and getting the kids to find them

  • mufcnick 7 years ago #

    how do i create a word cloud on tagul?

  • jojobabaes 7 years ago #

    awsome site with awsome features :)

  • caronk 7 years ago #

    how do you get into the coloured shapes?

  • Flis 7 years ago #

    Have used this web site for ages and it is fantastic - I use it for resources within the classroom (and a few other uses too). I have come to use it today (bank holiday and an opportunity to create some extra resources) but I cannot get it to work!! have upgraded and I am now using Chrome. Every time I go to "Visualise" it just hangs. I cannot create any new Clouds. I am obviously missing something but have been working on solving the problem for approx 2 and a half hours today!! I really don't want to give up . . . . . . . .

  • corkhopper 7 years ago #

    I will be using this site frequently birthdays, parties, anniversaries

  • Phenomenal13 7 years ago #

    Phenomenal feature love this website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jobim 7 years ago #

    This is the end!!! I can't save EPS. :(

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