Here's the 4.17 changelog so you can stay in-the-know about what's new in the recent update

• The top panel redesign

Privacy settings were moved to the Share menu

• New female shapes in the Sports section


• The negative checkbox added to the shape editing dialog


• The negative margin slider added when importing a shape image that allows control of the negative frame thickness


• Performance improvements and miscellaneous bug fixes

Today we are excited to release the new dashboard. It is intended to replace the old 'My Word Art' page and includes many valuable features, including (but not limited to):
* Word cloud art image preview
* Ability to change name and privacy directly in the dashboard
* Trash bin where you can restore deleted artwork

The old 'My Word Art' page will still be accessible for some time and discontinued after.

Please let us know what you think about the dashboard in the comments.

Have a nice day!

Hi there,

Some good news coming your way today! We've released the "Add frame" feature in recent updates. It allows creating of a photo frame word artwork with ease. You no longer need to prepare a frame shape yourself. Now you can use the "Add frame" feature from the Shapes section to customize it how you want, including frame thickness, color, size, and orientation.

We hope you enjoy the new feature!

Hello there!

The new 4.7.4 version of Word Cloud Art Creator has just been released. It includes better word placement for rectangular shapes and the "words inside letters" option. When disabled, this option prevents words from being placed inside letters. It may be helpful when words are in UPPER case. Both improvements allow you to make beautiful rectangular word cloud art like the one on the left.

I hope you like the changes!

Dear users! We've been constantly asked about the ability to download a word cloud art image with the animation. But unfortunately all downloadable formats provided you a static version of your creation where the animation didn't work. Now you have this ability. Today we've released a new version that allows you to download in the HTML format. You can open HTML file in any browser and play with the animated version of your word cloud art.

Have fun!