Hello everyone!

Today we are excited to present a new functionality in Edit Mode - Undo / Redo.
It makes much more convenient to work with Edit Mode as you don't need to manually undo a movement or resize if you made a mistake.

Hope you enjoy it!

Have a nice day!

Over the past year we have been working hard on redesigning the Tagul website aiming to making it more modern and mobile-friendly.

Today we are happy to make it live!

What’s changed?

Visually - the design was completely rewritten from scratch. We tried our best to make a clean and concise design that would be mobile-friendly and easy to use.

Functionally - virtually everything was kept in place. You still can create word cloud arts and print it or share it with your friends using email or social networks. But we changed the pricing (read about it below) and added commenting to Gallery word clouds.

Under the hood we have switched the platform behind Tagul from Wordpress to Django. The Django platform is a way more flexible and provides a solid base for future development.

New pricing

With the redesign new pricing is introduced.
Now there are 3 plans starting from $9.99 for Basic plan.

No Ads

Another great news is that we completely removed the ads from Tagul website to eliminate the distraction and annoyance it caused.


Hope you enjoy the redesign and the changes!
Please share your thoughts on the redesign in the comments below or in the forums.

Hello Tagul users!

Today we are glad to introduce a new feature.

Now when you switch to Edit mode and select a word you can change its color directly without changing anything in Words table.

Enjoy the feature and have fun ;)

Hello Tagul users!

Today we are excited to present a new feature - manual positioning of words.

Here is how it works:

1) Visualize your cloud
2) Switch to edit mode
3) Select a word. Position it anyway you like. Change its size or rotatation angle.
4) Visualize your cloud again. Selected words' positions and sizes will be preserved.
5) If you wish to reset the selection (to revert the words to be automatically positioned and sized) click "Clear selection" button.

Note 1: To make this work properly with existed clouds visualize your cloud at least once before switching to edit mode
Note 2: For the sake of performance only 100 biggest words are displayed in edit mode
Note 3: Selected words placement may vary if you change cloud's shape or layout

Actually that's it!
We tried our best to make it easy to use and still functional. Hope you enjoy it!
Please give us your feedback in the comments or by contacting support.

Have fun ;)

Today some changes to words repetition mechanism has been implemented.

Before all words were repeated by default and every repeated word had random attributes (color, font, angle).
This has been changed. Now you can choose whether to repeat a word or not. Also all repeated words inherit their attributes (color
, angle, font specified in Words table) from the parent word.

To illustrate the changes let's try to build a cloud of 100 words that contains:
1) "Tagul" word repeated only once with green colour and horizontal layout (0 rotation angle)
2) "Word" word repeated many times with grey colour and random layout
3) "Clouds" word repeated many times with blue colour and random layout

Before the changes you couldn't create such a cloud.
But now you can make the following setup in Words section to get the job done:

Simple enough, isn't it?

If you created a cloud before the changes

... and set specific attributes in Words section then you are going to see some difference when you again visualize your cloud. As it was said earlier the difference will occur because of all repeated words inherit attributes from the parent word now while before the attributes were set randomly. To mimic old behaviour you need to make the below changes in words section:

Let's say you have some word with "Bangers Regular" font specified in fonts table.

But you want all repeated words to be in "Briep Medium" font as it is set in Fonts section. Then you need to uncheck "Repeat?" value for that word and add another word with the same text and random attributes.

The latter word will be repeated with random attributes that mimics old behaviour.

Hope you gonna like the changes.
Have fun ;)