I am happy to say that now Tagul has more fonts to play with! I am sure you've already noticed new front page cloud built using new fonts. Enjoy it!
New fonts

Today I have finally completed the forums for Tagul. So now if you face with problems, want a new feature or just have something to say, you are welcome to use the forums

Tagul has been reviewed by Killerstartups recently. Despite the review being concise, the author precisely stated that Tagul clouds are eye-candy that make your site's visitors experience more joyful. That is exactly what Tagul clouds are intended for.

That review attracted significant attention to the service and by this moment Tagul have virtually a hundred users signed up. Probably it is a little more attention than I expected it to be at the early stage (the service has been up just for 1 week already), but anyway it is very pleasant to get such a positive feedback.

Stay tuned!

Hello! I am Alex, the founder and creator of Tagul, a web service that enables you to create gorgeous tag clouds. Nowadays tag clouds are an essential part of the web, they are some kind of a medium shortly telling a first time visitor what your site is about and helping him to navigate through.

But don’t you think that the most of tag clouds used today are urgly and boring?… I do! Therefore I created Tagul to provide web sites owners with best tag clouds in the web in order to enrich users experience and satisfaction.

Currently the project is rather far from achieving this goal. It is in early beta and I am the only developer who works on it. But today Tagul is going live with a hope on great success, solid future growth and long happy living :) . Hello world!