I should have created the gallery long before today. But it's better now than never. So enjoy the Gallery as a showcase what can be done with Tagul. It's somewhat empty right now but I am going to fill it constantly.

I've completely rewritten the code behind Tagul cloud generator. The main purpose behind was to improve the way Tagul handle cloud shapes. Now the shapes should be more precise. Also new algorithms allow to use any kind of custom shapes for clouds. Here is a demonstration of Android shape:

Custom shapes are not available for Tagul site users yet because the front-end cloud building form must be enhanced to handle it. There is a big complaint related to the building form complexity for using. So I am planning to rebuild it to make it easier to build clouds and then add custom shapes support.

BTW custom shapes are ready to be used with the API.

UPDATE: This post is out of date and API is no longer offered.

I am glad to announce that the full featured API is available now. If you want to integrate Tagul clouds into your web project - the full featured API is right for you.

Here is how it works in a nutshell:

- Create a specific xml with tag cloud data
- Connect to Tagul VPN
- Send the xml to Tagul API server using XML-PRC request
- Receive cloud ID that can be used in the embedding code
- Receive cloud data file that can be directly passed to flash component to be rendered in real-time

API access is not free and is offered at monthly fee that depends on clouds volume being generated.

If you are interested or have any questions please contact me at for more information.


Sorry, there has been no update for long time because I was quite busy. But the project is still alive and here is a good news for you. Following a popular demand the amount of clouds you can simultaneously create with Tagul is extended to 20.

Please read this for more information.

The short answer is: yes, while in beta.

You know, it costs money to develop the service and keep it running. I am not a big corporation and certainly cannot do it for charity. So eventually I am forced to monetize Tagul. I don't have the exact monetization strategy by now, but probably it will be some mix between embedded in clouds ads and a paid subscription. Also I have a strong intention to leave it free for non-profit use.

Therefore if you consider using Tagul clouds for your enterprise please be advised.