Duplicate cloud functionality

Due to popular request in the forums I've implemented duplicate cloud functionality. Now you don't need to do tedious preliminary customizations work for every cloud. Just create a base one and then duplicate it as many times as you want. Enjoy!

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  • Midela 8 years ago #

    Great job! But err, how does it work? Can't see the option to duplicate clouds anywhere..

    • Alex 8 years ago #

      The duplicate button is located on your cloud form between "Save" and "Delete" buttons.

  • mike44nyc 8 years ago #

    hi can i pich up one from the gallery and just change some of the words and color

  • 1973leanne 7 years ago #


    I have recently started to struggle with duplicating my clouds. Here's what I do - can anybody see if I'm going wrong somewhere? TIA, Leanne

    1- Create my cloud
    2- Name cloud and save, click ok
    3- Hit duplicate button

    Then this takes me to the standard opening cloud but numbers it in sequence. It's really hit and miss if it works, but usually not.


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