Today we are glad to introduce the release of the new word art creator. It has been built from scratch using modern web technologies and aimed to be more friendly and convenient to use.

The basic functionality kept intact with some enhancements:
- Undo / Redo now works for visualizations
- Explicit lock for a word position using the lock button in the edit mode
- New density parameter in the layout section that controls how dense words are placed during visualization
- Save as functionality instead of duplicate
- CSV format checkbox added to words import dialog to explicitly indicate the special CSV text format
- JPEG download option added

We encourage everybody to try it now and send your feedback to the support email. We are planning to completely switch to the new version till the end of this year.

Stay tuned!

Today we announce the rebranding from Tagul to

Why rebrand?
Some history: Back in 2009, Tagul was born. Our initial goal was to provide a service of creating tag clouds for web sites. That was the reason behind "Tagul" name choosing. It was short, it contained the "tag" keyword and the domain was available for free. With the course of time the service evolved into word cloud art generator mostly for designers. It still may be used in web sites, but nowadays it is widely used for creating beautiful word art designs. Tagul brand no longer reflects what the service is about. Therefore we have to change, so now we rebrand as

How does it affect existing users?
Basically nothing is changed except the branding. All your accounts and word art are in place and can be accessed using same login credentials. And we are still committed to provide the best word art generator service for you. You can only notice some wording changes like now we more tend to call it "word art creator", rather than "word cloud generator".

In the conclusion, we hope you like the new name and logo. Please let us know what you think in the comments below.

Best regards, team

Hello everyone!

Today we introduce the pricing changes. We have been receiving a lot of complaints since the new pricing was launched that monthly pricing plans are not very convenient for many users. Therefore to satisfy the customers needs we introduce the HQ image packs that don't have monthly limitations. Now you can purchase 5, 10, 25, 50 or 100 image pack for a reasonable price and use it for 1 year.

We decided to drop the Pro plan, but for power users who need a lot of downloads per month we still offer the unlimited plan.

Have a nice day!