Arabic and other RTL languages support

Hi there!

Today we are exited to announce Arabic and other right-to-left languages support. From now on you are able to create word clouds in Arabic, Persian, Hebrew and other RTL languages. Also Droid Naskh Arabic font added to the default fonts list.

Don't forget that you can always add your own fonts by clicking on the first row in Fonts section.

Have a nice day!

Comments (9)

  • Milneh 8 years ago #

    nice work its good 😊☺

  • serifekurt 8 years ago #

    evet güzel bir çalışma <<<<))))>>>>>

  • hebba_haroun 7 years ago #

    I typed up the Arabic words but it did not show up when I pressed visualize, do you know why?

    • Alex 7 years ago #

      You need to select "Droid Naskh" font in the Fonts section of your word cloud to make the Arabic words to appear.

  • mohima1234 7 years ago #

    can you show exactly where to go to get the arabic font

    • Alex 7 years ago #

      You need to switch to the Fonts section and choose "Droid Naskh" or "Simplified Arabic" font, and then visualize your word cloud for Arabic words to appear

  • coralie.girard4 7 years ago #

    Hello Alex! I have a problem, the words are appearing correctly in the table (where I type the words), but they appear the other way around (mixed letters) in the word cloud... (I tried with both Droid Naskh and Simplified Arabic fonts). Thanks!

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