Moving from Flash to HTML5

Dear Tagul users!

Today I am glad to announce a big update at Tagul generator has been completely rewritten in HTML5 from scratch and more features were added (see the changes list at the end).

The reason behind the change is that HTML5 is natively supported by both desktop and mobile browsers while Flash is not. That leads to better user experience and support of wide range of mobile devices like iPad, iPhone Android tablets and phones.

The drawback is that HTML5 is modern technology and is not supported by old browsers (like Internet Explorer earlier than 10 version). Therefore if you start to see "Your browser is not supported" message please update your browser to the latest version or use any alternative one like Chrome or Firefox.

The transition from Flash to HTML5 is not completely finished yet. At the moment clouds web embedding is disabled as some more work needs to be done there. If you embedded your cloud in flash version earlier - you have nothing to worry about. Your clouds are still working and I will support it. When web embedding is enabled again you will be able to replace your flash clouds with HTML5 versions.

In general new HTML5 generator mimics the functionality of old flash version with the below improvements:

* Tags Source section renamed to Words with some re-factoring making it more user friendly to use
* Filter common words section is removed. Now common words are removed automatically when you import words (it can be disabled using the corresponding checkbox).
* Added Shapes section with many new shapes
* Fonts now support more characters and languages
* Layout section added which allows to control words orientation, amount and size
* Grab and share section re-factored to make it more user friendly
* EPS file export added

Best regards,

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  • Midela 10 years ago #


    Awesome job, as always!
    I did notice some features are labelled as 'PRO'. How will that work? Does it require a monthly subscription or something else?


  • Alex 10 years ago #

    I am planning to introduce monthly subscription to access pro features. At the moment they are free.

  • mrog 10 years ago #

    Adding custom shapes is now missing?

    • Alex 10 years ago #

      No, it is not missing. Click on the first shape in the list to add your custom image.

  • heather.kirkbright 10 years ago #

    Do you have a idea of how much you are planning on charging for the pro?

    • Alex 10 years ago #

      I have not decided yet but it shouldn't be expensive in my opinion.

  • madebyboox 10 years ago #


    I Can not seem to be able to save the picture as a png file? any help would be fab!!

    Many Thanks x

    • Alex 10 years ago #

      In Grab and Share section the first raw of icons is PNG saving ones.

  • lauriev 10 years ago #

    Thanks for this tool. I think it's fabulous. I was disappointed about the inability to embed for now. Do you have an estimate on when that will change? Will it cost?
    Many thanks!

    • Alex 10 years ago #

      I think embedding will be available till the end of this month (May). I am not planning to charge for clouds embedding at the moment but it may change.

  • Midela 10 years ago #

    The text parsing has changed it seems. Putting phrases on separate lines or using ~ instead of spaces used to work, but it doesn't now.. every word gets counted separately.
    How do we enter phrases instead of single words in the new version?

    • Alex 10 years ago #

      You need to put phrases on separate lines with semicolon at the end to get old behaviour.
      "~" sign is working now (I've just released the fix).

  • saffron74 10 years ago #

    I much preferred having the option to choose from predefined colours rather than needing to put the code in for all colours. Not user friendly to people who don't how to get codes.

    Loving how much quicker everything is - good job on everything else!

  • Phoebe.Nix 10 years ago #

    Great to hear about this, I was getting frustrated with the strange flash power saver tab that pops up now and then.

    However, I am unclear about support for previously embedded clouds. I just noticed a spelling error in one of my tags and I was about to fix it. Am I able to do so without losing my functioning Flash cloud?


  • caroshop 10 years ago #

    Hi Alex

    I really like tagul and have embedded three clouds on my moodle site in the past.

    I now want to change the url that the words point to, since I now have a new class.

    I will be presenting to a group of teachers on wednesday of this week (at a provincial conference) and I really need a way to embed the new clouds.

    Any way that I can presently do this???

    Thanks in advance


  • cwagner 10 years ago #

    I tried to send my tagul to print from your web site to (CVS Pharmacy) and had a 4x6, 5x7 and a 8x10 printed. The 8x0 picture was the best one without cutting part of the heart off . As the pictures got bigger there was more of the print on it. It looked good if it hadn't been cut off. Any suggestions? I tried to talk to CVS when I picked them up and they said it was cut off when they received the picture. Had wanted to give as Mothers day gifts but guess that won't be happening now. But am hoping you have some helpful hints so they can just get them late. thanks Cindy

  • doyouhearthepeoplesing 10 years ago #

    My classroom is beautiful and colourful, filled with Ancient Civilizations/Natives tagul clouds.

  • Koi.Valemei 10 years ago #

    This is really useful. Thank you so much!

  • frog8072 10 years ago #

    How do you add your own font?

    • Alex 10 years ago #

      You cannot add your own font at the moment

  • sermax55 10 years ago #

    Two questions: Can I use my own fonts to work with the program, and if so how? thank you

    • Alex 10 years ago #

      No you can't at the moment

  • jojobabaes 10 years ago #

    i can,t seem to save clouds in different sizes now as before i was :( an advise would be greatly appreciated x

    • Alex 10 years ago #

      You can choose 0.5, 1, 4, 16 MP when exporting in PNG. It's all about different sizes.

  • Babyitsybitsy 10 years ago #

    I can't seem to find the same colour options as I have seen in various tutorials.... In fact my options are very limited and difficult to use... I have NO appearance option at all only font layout etc but the options within these are limited I can't choose and actual colour as such .... Other wise I really like this but the limitations are a puzzle to me !!

  • nickimav 10 years ago #

    Help! Can't load my cloud and need to print it to take as a gift today! All I get when I click in the cloud to open it is 'Loading...' on the screen, but then nothing.

    Any ideas?

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