Icons in word clouds

In addition to ordinary text characters you can use virtually any Unicode character in Tagul clouds. The only limitation is that it must be supported by the fonts presented in Tagul.

There are a lot of useful icons in Unicode.
Here are some of them (but not all) that are supported:

  • ©
  • ®

To use any of the above characters just select it, copy to clipboard and then paste into Words section of your cloud.

The complete list of Unicode characters can be found at Unicode Table website.
As it was said earlier not all of them are supported. To try a character just copy & paste it from Unicode website into Words section and then switch to Fonts section to find out if there are fonts capable of rendering it. Don't forget to select the fonts if found.

Have fun ;)

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  • nikkibeeston 9 years ago #

    I Still can't get it to work. I'm sure it's me but could you give me an example? This is a Unicode for a snowflake U+2744 so do I just type that into the word list? If so I've looked and cant see any supported fonts. If i visualise it it comes with with U+2744 in the cloud and not snowflakes.


    • Alex 9 years ago #

      You shouldn't type "U+2744" into words list as it won't work. Just copy a symbol from the table in the blog post and paste it into Words section.

    • c4zz4c 9 years ago #

      Hey Nikki, if you copy and paste the icon from the list as a picture, paste it into your words, then use the Chrysanthi Regular fonts it works....2 hours into trying i've cracked this :)

  • marc_richards 9 years ago #

    Disappointed with the instructions...
    The Heart Symbol is supported by very few of your fonts.
    I'm sure it's a popular symbol to be used - wouldn't it be better and easier to list the fonts that support the popular symbols?!?

    • lensbuoy 9 years ago #

      Open a heart symbol in Illustrator or Corel save and convert to jpeg, import into Tagul, will work with any of the included fonts or import your own font.

  • chatchatting 9 years ago #

    I am trying lots of different symbols but it is just displaying envelope shapes :(

    • lensbuoy 9 years ago #

      What format are you importing the shapes in? If you are not already doing so try jpeg.

  • jax_minett 9 years ago #

    I just cant seem to make it work :(

  • martina_ch_sangers 9 years ago #

    Is it possible to put a (Pink) Ribbon in?

    • Alex 9 years ago #

      It is possible. Just google for Pink Ribbon image and use it as your cloud custom shape (by clicking on the first tile in Shapes section).

  • ldevine2010 9 years ago #

    cant get them to work at all,
    tried everything thats being said above.
    cant even find a step by step video on youtube either to try and help.

    can anyone advise how you do these word clouds adding pictures( icons) please.

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