Is Tagul really free?

Please read this for more information.

The short answer is: yes, while in beta.

You know, it costs money to develop the service and keep it running. I am not a big corporation and certainly cannot do it for charity. So eventually I am forced to monetize Tagul. I don't have the exact monetization strategy by now, but probably it will be some mix between embedded in clouds ads and a paid subscription. Also I have a strong intention to leave it free for non-profit use.

Therefore if you consider using Tagul clouds for your enterprise please be advised.

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  • notanon 14 years ago #

    Thank you! Greatly appreciated!

  • mhapich 14 years ago #

    This is wonderful - thank you!

    Perhaps you could consider creating an educator category for your users, and allow them to continue to create free Tagul clouds for their class websites and other educational (non-profit) purposes.

    I know that many other wonderful web2.0 tools have gone that direction if you'd like to look into what they did - wikispaces, animoto, and voicethread to name a few. Even free services like glogster and mixbook have educator accounts and sites that are more filtered or more geared toward educators.

    Thanks so much,

    • sarspri 14 years ago #

      I'd like to second Michelle / mhapich's comment re: creating an educator category for users! Please consider keeping this resource free for those who are working in educational / non-profit contexts!

  • Nick 14 years ago #

    Hi Alex,
    I must say that I just recently found out about Wordle and I was amazed. I created five of them instantly for my ESL (English as a Second Language) students to share. However, when I found Tagul, I was blown away because each word became a portal to information. WE LOVE IT! I believe that you are working on something great here. I am a certified ESL teacher. My experience varies from elementary school to college. At present, I teach both High School and College students, I just signed up and will be working on making clouds for my study groups, novels, chapter units and thematic units. I am so glad that you worked on this programming idea because you followed your heart. That's where the best results come from- your gifts!

    God Bless you and your family,
    New York Nick

  • RichG 14 years ago #

    You made my day today. A+.

    I'm from Russia. I teach ESL in China. Your idea is totally awesome. Your clouds are absolutely handy in the ESL class.

    Keep it up

  • michaelgc 14 years ago #

    I really agree with all the guys talking about how brilliant this is for teaching and particularly language teaching. I've just created three clouds for my students and I have them hooked up to different types of dictionary sites. It's absolutely great. Please keep it free for educators or give us a good rate, anyway.
    Thanks and congratulations.

  • CreativeDynamix 14 years ago #

    Alex, I've just discovered Tagul and I am so loving the idea can't wait to experiment with it.
    Consider adding a 'donate' button and ask for appropriate donations if someone is using your product commercially they ask for x amount donation. Have a look at the business model use. It looks like a great product don't sell your genius short.
    Your story is inspiring.

  • trimbulindu 14 years ago #

    is there a way to link a two-words tag to google? for example tagul tags automatically barack to google results for barack and obama to google results for obama. is there a way to link the barack obama tag to google results for barack obama?

    thank you.

  • kerwin 14 years ago #

    Tagul is great. Many sites are blocked for educational use. Consider creating an educator or school only site that requires proof prior to account approval.

  • marvinlovers 14 years ago #

    thanks for your site!!! it is a great idea :) and also, i goit an a on my english report thanks to tagul!!! keep up the good work!

  • laurarahaim 14 years ago #

    Dear Alex,
    THANK YOU for your work on this site! It is amazing. I'm an educator and will be using it in the classroom with my elementary students. School usage for your site could sky rocket! Please keep it free for educators (non-profit) and students, and consider developing that avenue of expansion. You'd be doing a great service to expand the technical skills of our children (not to mention we teachers) through the beauty of the written language.
    Mrs. R.

  • blox 13 years ago #

    Can you use the colour options in the web beta?

    I am going to promote this to colleges in my area as I am an e-learning avisor and this is a brilliant reource well done on this development.

  • lilmama104 11 years ago #

    Hello Alex,
    I am a sex educator for a non-profit organization and I am having some trouble creating a cloud. I think what you have thus far is a brilliant idea and I can't wait to continue using it in the classroom.

  • Susan.Marshall.2 11 years ago #

    Thank you for this tool/service. Where's your fb page for Tagul?

  • francoisoulard 11 years ago #

    I think this very nice project should keep a free and open development with voluntary contributions (and crow founding) to allow a long term connection with future semantic projects (iks project for example). Francois

  • jforehand 11 years ago #

    I am a school counselor and love this website for teaching my lessons with students! I agree with a service for educators! Thanks so much for this site and resource.

  • Bryce2 10 years ago #

    Thanks a-million for this marvelous project. It's by far the best word-cloud generator (online-offline) I've tested, and I think it would be nice (as you say) to keep-it free for non-profit use.
    (it could be a good move to generate also an offline version of what you are creating here - just a thought!).
    Thanks again!

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