Changing word colors in Edit mode

Hello Tagul users!

Today we are glad to introduce a new feature.

Now when you switch to Edit mode and select a word you can change its color directly without changing anything in Words table.

Enjoy the feature and have fun ;)

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  • Seschl_Berlin 6 years ago #

    Present bug: If you copy the cloud, these edited words will still appear in new cloud at wrong positions and cannot be changed at all.

    • cathy.aguirre 6 years ago #

      I'm new to this and i received the double music note from my piano teacher today! I love you design but want to put my nieces name and words to describe her so how do i do this and can i somehow make it and save it until i can go to the library and print it or should i wait and do this at the library? Please help me with how to start pick a color and put my words?

    • dolly.riini 6 years ago #

      it is such a cool site

      • methridge1519 5 years ago #

        how do you use this site im so confused i need help i do one and the picture dint come out right idk what to do can u help me?

      • poppy.purple.1 5 years ago #

        its amazing I love making word clouds

  • AidaE 6 years ago #

    How can you add numbers?

    • Alex 6 years ago #

      Just input numbers in Words table. If you importing the text then please make sure you have "remove numbers" unchecked.

    • kgoodale0927 6 years ago #

      when you put i your words you just type in a number.

  • ralph_greenwell 6 years ago #

    When editing colors, it would be great if there was a pick list of the color list from the main design menu, rather than having to key in the RGB values again :-)

  • MickiMomma 6 years ago #

    I used my own shape/image, and am trying to change the color of a few of the words. I am not able to "grab" the smaller words in order to change the color. I can only grab certain ones. Is there something I can do to grab the smaller words? I even tried to zoom in, but that did not work.

    • Alex 6 years ago #

      Unfortunately there is nothing you can do to grab the smaller words as it is disabled due to performance issues.
      I suggest you to try changing words colors in Words table or use another image with colored areas. In the former case all words placed on a colored area will inherit the same color.

  • Pitmanteacher 6 years ago #

    When in Edit mode, and manually rotating or moving a word, the newly rotated word now has a ghosted box around it, and stands out like a sore thumb. Can that be fixed?

    • Alex 6 years ago #

      Hi, please try to click "Clear selection" button and visualize your cloud again and then repeat rotating or moving a word.

  • shelly.bell 6 years ago #

    can anybody help me my little brother is iron man and spiderman crazy ive tried always to add picture to create cloud for him, has anyone any ideas or know were i can buy the templates to create them for him

  • pauline_rutherford 6 years ago #

    I want to create a bottle of beer and was hoping to have the label section on the bottle too (if you get what I mean). Any ideas?

  • sarah.johnson 6 years ago #

    Is it possible to edit specific words in a Cloud after it has been generated?

    • sarah.johnson 6 years ago #

      For instance, I want to change the word (the actual text) to a totally different word.

    • Alex 6 years ago #

      Unfortunately it is not possible

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