New word art creator

Today we are glad to introduce the release of the new word art creator. It has been built from scratch using modern web technologies and aimed to be more friendly and convenient to use.

The basic functionality kept intact with some enhancements:
- Undo / Redo now works for visualizations
- Explicit lock for a word position using the lock button in the edit mode
- New density parameter in the layout section that controls how dense words are placed during visualization
- Save as functionality instead of duplicate
- CSV format checkbox added to words import dialog to explicitly indicate the special CSV text format
- JPEG download option added

We encourage everybody to try it now and send your feedback to the support email. We are planning to completely switch to the new version till the end of this year.

Stay tuned!

Comments (6)

  • Markus333 6 years ago #

    I really like the new creator. The undo/redo is an amazing new feature!
    The "text field" in the upper left, where the file name is shown could be
    wider, so that the whole file name is displayed. Thank you - great work!

    • Bhopkins.2 6 years ago #

      thank you-brielle hopkins
      your the best

  • Kelly.Ann.Isaacs 6 years ago #

    Love the undo redo. the words just don't seem to fill the gap as much. I have put the density down to 0 and compared it to an older version of the picture that I have done and it just seems to be too spaced out.
    Used to be able to automatically increase/decrease the word amounts without having to visualize it everytime. Infact it will not let me increase the amount of words it keeps reverting back to what it was.
    I use this all the time. Am a little bit gutted at the changes. The gaps in the words has to be the worst thing for me at the minute and that's only after 1 pic. I dread to think what it'll be like on the more detailed pictures I do.

  • Pamela.Butler 6 years ago #

    how do you go back to all your previous pictures?
    on the old one you presses my artwork

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