Paid for download without transparent background

2 weeks ago

I need my art to have a transparent background. The image I uploaded does, however, when I download the word cloud it does not. I have tried isolating the finished product in other programs, but the background becomes colored instead of transparent. IMO if you are paying for a downloaded Vector or PNG, it should be an isolated image. Any ideas?smile
2 weeks ago
Hi! By default the background of your word art image consists of 2 things:
1) The rectangular background (which is white by default). You can remove it by clicking on the "make transparent" button in the style section
2) The background shape image. You can remove it by setting the "background image" slider to zero in the style section.

Please take into account that you won't be charged for downloading the same HQ image with different style options.
Edited 02 Sep, 2019 04:42


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