Colour Palette

2 months ago
Hi is there a way to customise the colour palette when editing words. The colour palette in edit mode brings up default colours. Is there a way to add your own colours to the palette so that I can choose specific words and have the colour I want saved to the palette. Its time consuming to have to click on a word that I want to change the colour and to have to manually type in the hex code. Thanks
1 month ago
Tracy on the Style Tab there is an option for Word Colours - you can click 'Custom' and add your colours to a palette
1 month ago
Hi I have done this. I was asking of a way when editing the word colours in the shape if there was a way to have my chosen words on that palette. When I click the word I want to change the colour of it brings up a defult pallette. Is there a way to add my chosen colours under style to this pallette instead of having to put the hex code for the colour in everytime
1 month ago
Hi Tracy, unfortunately there is no way to add your colors to the palette currently. But we will consider it for the inclusion in the future versions.
6 days ago
That would be great and save so much time. Thanks for your response


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