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Edit colours
2 1 day ago by Alex
curser on the colour palette suggestion
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Image background colour
5 1 week ago by Alex
Repetition of words
6 3 weeks ago by Alex
Inserting a photo
4 1 month ago by Alex
New Word Art programme
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Picture in my Artwork?
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Colour changing in Edit Mode
5 1 month ago by Alex
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Possibly compatible with other fonts like chinese?
3 2 months ago by ilovekakashi
Curved words
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Click event or API
3 2 months ago by Ben.Rosati
change the color of a specific word
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Snaping on raster or center functions
2 4 months ago by Alex
Selecting Colors NOT to use...
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Picking the word colours
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Writing a Poem on a shape
7 8 months ago by Alex
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Empty space on top
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