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Can people make there own tutorials?
8 3 days ago by Swift_Fox
Split sentence into more than 1 line
2 2 weeks ago by Alex
how to display the no-repeat words in order?
2 1 month ago by Alex
center lines and page crop marks
7 3 months ago by kasey281979
Grid / Ruler  [Closed]
12 6 months ago by Alex
connect to excel/spreadsheet  [Closed]
2 7 months ago by Alex
How long does it stay registered?  [Closed]
2 11 months ago by Alex
Animation  [Closed]
4 11 months ago by Alex
inserting word cloud animated file into powerpoint  [Closed]
2 1 year ago by Alex
How to reduce clumping of words/emojis  [Closed]
2 1 year ago by Alex
Multi Selecting Words  [Closed]
3 1 year ago by lila.jinka
Publish to Gallery Button  [Closed]
3 1 year ago by FatKat
Finer control over repeating words  [Closed]
5 1 year ago by MarinaArtDesign
Allow users to add custom shapes to a stored repository  [Closed]
2 1 year ago by Alex
Add a set of long / wide rectangles go Geometric …  [Closed]
2 1 year ago by Alex
Very simple  [Closed]
5 1 year ago by Giroist
Emojis  [Closed]
2 2 years ago by Alex
Chinese Fonts  [Closed]
2 2 years ago by Alex
2 2 years ago by Alex
Minute Suggestion  [Closed]
3 2 years ago by Lislee08