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1 year ago
Recently, my school found this site. We first used it in tech class yesterday. But there was one problem: our class saw that many people were publishing their art, so my classmates also wanted to publish theirs. They went to the editor of their best arts, but could not find a way to publish their art. They asked me to do it, but I couldn't. After school, I created a non-school account and verified my email address to find the publish button. After some time, I found the exact thing I needed, but… It was quite hard to find it. So I'm suggesting to make the publish button more visible.
It would nice if it could look something like this:

That's all for this suggestion, and let's hope it gets implemented in the near-future! smile

[I'm very sorry if the image does not show up at your end, I'm not sure what image hosts the forums support yet…]
Edited 19 Aug, 2022 21:29
1 year ago
Hello! Thank you for the suggestion; we will consider implementing this in the future. In the meantime, you can publish your word art on the gallery using the "Menu -> Privacy -> Gallery" menu at the top of the creator window.
1 year ago


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