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1 day ago
Hi SyniBell! Your question is not clear to me. You can import a shape image and use it as a base for your word art. After visualizing words will be placed on non-white space of the shape image by default. Therefore if you need a shape of people you need to make sure that the people silhouette is filled with a non-white color in your shape image.
4 days ago
We identified the root cause of the problem. Recently the structure of SVG file were optimized but obviously some software including Adobe Illustrator is not capable to open them. Therefore we've just reverted the change. Please download your SVG file again. You won't be charged for downloading the same image again.
4 days ago
Hi Regis, could you please send to the support email the below info?
1) The file you downloaded and imported
2) The name of the software you use for import
3) The full screenshot of the software window after the import
5 days ago
Hi Ruby! To make it more convenient I recommend you to create a template word art with your custom shape image and duplicate it each time you need a new one. To duplicate your word art select it on your word art page and click the duplicate button at the top panel next to the create button.
1 week ago
Hi Marky! You can try :watermelon: emoji. You can find the complete emojis list here.
1 week ago
Hi! If you add words and save your word artwork then they will see the updated version.
1 week ago
Hi! It may be a browser issue. Could you please try again in another browser like Chrome or Firefox?
2 weeks ago
Hi! You can lock words in the edit mode using the corresponding button at the top. The locked words will preserve their place after visualizing.
2 weeks ago
Hi! You can do that now by clicking on the "order" button at the top of the creator window.
1 month ago
You don't need any image. Just create a word art and place it to the gallery if you want.