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6 days ago
Hi! Here is what you can do to order directly from Zazzle UK:
1. Create a Zazzle account. Then login in both and
2. Click the "Order" button in the word art creator
3. You will be redirected to Navigate to WordArt store at
4. Choose your product there. Don't mind that you see the "Your image here" text or grey box instead of your actual image
5. When the product is opened click the "Customize" under "Designed for you" text on the right
6. Switch to "Images" on the left menu and choose the word art image you created
7. Complete the customization and make the order
Edited 15 Sep, 2019 05:37
1 week ago
Hi! Please send the files you downloaded to the support so I could check what is wrong there.
2 weeks ago
Hi! By default the background of your word art image consists of 2 things:
1) The rectangular background (which is white by default). You can remove it by clicking on the "make transparent" button in the style section
2) The background shape image. You can remove it by setting the "background image" slider to zero in the style section.

Please take into account that you won't be charged for downloading the same HQ image with different style options.
Edited 02 Sep, 2019 04:42
4 weeks ago
Unfortunately downloads don't work on mobile iOS devices at the moment. I suggest you to use another device for downloading. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.
4 weeks ago
Hi Willowstar, you need to create such an image yourself in an image editor and then add it to the shapes section by clicking on the "add image" button
1 month ago
Hi Leanne. Here is how you can do that. Change "Kelly and Sam" text (let's say to "John and Mary" ) in the words section and visualize. Then you will notice that "Kelly and Sam" text disappeared and "John and Mary" appeared at the center. Then move "John and Mary" to the bottom (where you want it to be) and visualize again. Repeat the same steps for the "13th October 2018" text.
Edited 02 Aug, 2019 14:34
1 month ago

You can create a folder by clicking on the "+" button next to the Folders label and then drag and drop your word art into it. Also you can select your word art and use folders button on the above panel to move it to a folder.
1 month ago
Hi, could you please send the url where you embeded your word cloud art to the support so I could check what is wrong there?
2 months ago
Hi, you cannot edit small words in the Edit mode. Therefore you have 2 options:
1) Edit the color in the words table, but it will assign the color you chose for all copies of that word
2) Download your word art image in SVG or PDF format and edit the color in a vector image editor like Inkscape or Adobe Illustrator
2 months ago
Here is how it works. First time when you open the color picker you won't see any difference. But once you set a color to a word and open the color picker again, you will see the recently used colors section.

It works only for words in both words table and the edit mode. It doesn't work in the Style section yet.
Edited 30 Jun, 2019 19:24