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2 days ago
What I wanted was for a word cloud to be generated where the most frequent words in my uploaded file would automatically be larger than words that had a lower frequency
That's how it works by default when you import a text. If I am not mistaken you used phrases like "project manager" and they cannot be automatically parsed from a text. In this case the only way is to manually prepare the list and input it (or load from excel or CSV) into words table.
3 days ago
Hi! Click on the Add text button in the shapes section and then input "18" there.
4 days ago
Hi ASFPVA, you cannot make a word art from 2 separate images at the same time. You need to merge them into one and then upload to the shapes section.
1 week ago
Yes, all the default shapes and fonts can be used commercially. If you use a custom shape image or font you have to make sure you have appropriate licenses to use them commercially.
1 week ago
Hi Shelly, you may have duplicated words in the words table and therefore you see them repeated in your wordart. Could you please check? If it is not the case then please save the wordart and advise its name so I could check what is wrong there.
1 week ago
Does the print on demand company accept SVG or PDF vector files? If it does then you can download in those vector formats because they can be printed with any final resolution. If you do care about the background image quality I suggest you either to remove it completely (by setting the "background shape" parameter to zero in the style section) or to replace it with the original 6720x8640 template image in Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape after downloading.
1 week ago
The shape (template) image you upload is automatically converted to 2000x2000px resolution. It is enough in most cases especially if you don't make the background image more visible in the style section.

Could you please elaborate what exactly trouble you faced with so I could try to help?
1 week ago
Ok. I managed to open your website. I don't see the below script tag in your HTML code.
<script src="//" async defer></script>
Did you paste it? If you did then Weebly removed it somehow. Please contact the Weebly support regarding how to correctly embed third party js scripts.
2 weeks ago
Hi! I wasn't able to open the site to check. Is it online?