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5 days ago
There was a technical issue that has been fixed. Could you please try again now?
1 week ago
Hi, you can switch to the Style section, choose "custom" for the "words colors" option, and click on the palette to customize words colors.
2 weeks ago
Have you considered enabling the grid that displays central lines?
2 weeks ago
Hi, I recommend downloading in SVG / PDF vector formats in your case. You can also download all HQ formats in ZIP format and choose the best one.
2 weeks ago
The grid on/off functionality has just been released
Edited 22 May, 2023 14:17
2 weeks ago
Ok. The grid on/off feature will be released soon. What should be the default, ON or OFF?
2 weeks ago
The center lines are bolder than others. You should see them.
2 weeks ago
The new version has just been released with the grid in the Edit mode. Please let me know what you think.
3 weeks ago
You can enlarge a word and put it outside the shape outline in Edit mode. Please watch this tutorial that demonstrates how to do this.
1 month ago
You are welcome!