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4 months ago
Hi, I’m trying to purchase using the ‘order’ link. It takes me to the US Zazzle site, when I switch to the UK, it removes my linked WordArt image. The only way I get it back, is to upload a Standard quality that I’ve downloaded. I’d love to be able to order (& share a link with friends) to order using the HQ version, as the SQ is blurry.
Is this possible?
Edited 14 Sep, 2019 22:37
4 months ago
Hi! Here is what you can do to order directly from Zazzle UK:
1. Create a Zazzle account. Then login in both and
2. Click the "Order" button in the word art creator
3. You will be redirected to Navigate to WordArt store at
4. Choose your product there. Don't mind that you see the "Your image here" text or grey box instead of your actual image
5. When the product is opened click the "Customize" under "Designed for you" text on the right
6. Switch to "Images" on the left menu and choose the word art image you created
7. Complete the customization and make the order
Edited 15 Sep, 2019 05:37


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