word bleeding

1 week ago
Hi, I created a text shape (2020) using the "Add text" function in the "Shape" menu, but the fill-in/collage words are bleeding outside the shape. I've tried with the background set from 0% to 100% and everything in between, and I always get words bleeding outside the shape. Can you advise how to fix it so that everything is within the shape? I would move them manually, but I cannot enlarge the shape large enough in the edit window to see the very small words. Thanks!
Edited 21 May, 2020 01:11
1 week ago
Hi, we've just released a fix for that. It still might be not ideal but much better than it was. Could you please reload your word art and visualize it again?
1 week ago
Hi, yes, you are correct that it is not perfect but definitely better. smile I will try to clean it up after downloading. Thank you.


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