upload/import multiple data sets (api?)

1 year ago
I have about 20 csv data files for making 20 word clouds (all the same, except for the data). Is there a more efficient way to import and save them than repeating these steps 20x:
click "+Create"
click "Clear" (to remove Word, Cloud, Art)
click "Import"
(deleting all the previous data for passes #2-20)
paste the data
click "Save"

Any help greatly appreciated!
1 year ago
Hi! There is no API, but there is a more efficient way:
1) Create your first word cloud art and save it
2) In the same creator window import a new set of words and visualuze
3) Do "Save as" from the Menu and repeat step 2

Do steps 2-3 twenty times and you are done

BTW, you don't need to clear the words table before importing because it will be replaced with a new set of imported words anyway.
Edited 26 May, 2019 07:50


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