specific colors only, but not for specific words

6 months ago
How do I enter specific colors, but not assign those colors to specific words?
6 months ago
Switch to the style section, click on the custom button and then click on the colors to the right to customize the palette
6 months ago
Ok, so i did that,custom palette with 3 colors and everything is almost perfect… but i need to change the color of a few words in a certain area. Now,i figured out how to change the color on one word in that area, but i cant seem to figure out how to do it again. Like i said i need to do it 4-5 more times. Can you please help me Key Master?

Thank you,
6 months ago
If the words are quite large then you can change their color directly in the edit mode. You can also change the colors in the words table.

Also if you purchase one of HQ downloads packs and download your word art image in vector PDF or SVG format, you will be able to edit colors in Inkscape or Adobe Illustrator (or any other vector editor).


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