Some words not editable

10 months ago
When I click "Edit" several of my words go kind of fuzzy and I am not able to select them. How can I fix that?
10 months ago
You can edit only 100 biggest words, not all words. It is done for the performance reasons because edit mode will work very slow otherwise.
10 months ago
Ah… okay. That makes sense. Thanks so much. Perhaps if the words didn't do the animation thing, then the number of words that could be edited could be increased without adversely affecting performance? It looks cool, but what is the purpose of the animation?

And since I have you…just a couple more questions…

1.) What is the color square next to the lock button? How is it used?

2.) How exactly does the lock feature work? What does it lock/unlock? Is it color, position, size, all of the above? I have tried many different combinations and order of clicking and cannot find a consistent outcome.
10 months ago
Never mind on my questions. After working with it today, I have most of it figured out. Still not real sure what all the lock can and cannot do (can I lock the color and position of select words and then reset others?)

The color square, duh, is just a more convenient place to change the color of a word than going back to the word list. smile
10 months ago
Lock button allows you to lock a word's position. In other words if you re-visualize your wordart the locked word will be in the same place as before. To lock the color you need to explicitly choose it using the color picker button.

can I lock the color and position of select words and then reset others?
You can reset all the locks (using the corresponding button) and then lock position and color of particular words.


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