I'm wondering if perhaps there are others with a considerable amount of work that they've created on this wonderful site, only to keep it listed as, private.

For a variety of reasons, I have not published any of my work. However, I've compiled quite a collection and often ponder the idea of publishing some of it, yet I always seem to opt out.

I like the free standard download option a lot, and I think HD download pricing is fair also.

It doesn't have to be anything elaborate, like cash compensation. I was thinking that maybe if wordart.com had a reward system that offered a credit (or fractional) program. eg. If I publish a piece of wordart that receives so many downloads, I receive a 'credit' toward an HD download.

I feel like this would attract more people like me to share, leading only to, growth. Alas, I'm often wrong smile so bash away if this is a bad idea.

Your thoughts?

p.s. thank you for an absolute winner of a website!