Problem with import

6 months ago
Hi !
I have problem today to import HD items.
Last week it was great like that :

But today it's impossible to have good importation. It seems as :

Someone to help me please ?
Even with my poor english …

Edited 10 Dec, 2018 15:34
6 months ago
Hi Regis, could you please send to the support email the below info?
1) The file you downloaded and imported
2) The name of the software you use for import
3) The full screenshot of the software window after the import
6 months ago
We identified the root cause of the problem. Recently the structure of SVG file were optimized but obviously some software including Adobe Illustrator is not capable to open them. Therefore we've just reverted the change. Please download your SVG file again. You won't be charged for downloading the same image again.


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