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new here and can't get clear image to print

7 months ago
Hi- I have tried to download the biggest mb and then scale the picture in photoshop to print as an 8x10 but the image is not crisp.
How do I make it more clear and a better print image?
7 months ago
Could you please send the image you downloaded and printed to the support email, so I could check what is wrong there?
6 months ago
When im printing out its two big for my printing paper is there anywhere i can change the size x
6 months ago
Mizzcanning, I suggest you to download your word cloud image in PNG format (in the "Download and Share" section) and then print it as any other image or picture. Your image viewing / printing software should allow you to resize the image before printing to fit on a page. If it doesn't then please try GIMP free image editor.


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