Importing shapes

3 months ago
Is there a site I can use to import a reverse colored picture? I wanted to do a racing car so when I imported a black & white one from internet, the words I put on it appeared on the black wheels & black outline, but I wanted the words to fill the car. So I assume I have to find a car with reverse colour….white wheels/edge & black filled body?
Edited 28 Feb, 2019 21:51
3 months ago
Hi! To reverse the colors you can try to enable the Negative checkbox when adding your image.
3 months ago
Hi. Ive tried importing a picture of a firetruck to use but a pop up screen comes up saying unknown image?? this is the first time i've used this site, i love it but still getting to know how to use it. Thank you. smile
3 months ago
Hi Jennie, could you please send the firetruck image to the support email so I could check?
1 month ago
DISREGARD. I got it figured out. Thanks!

What is the best way to create a custom image that can be reversible? For instance, I have a 9x9 square and within that square is a smaller 1x1 square where I don't want word art words to appear in. Thanks!
Edited 22 May, 2019 15:02


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