How do I edit a word underneath the actual picture

11 months ago
I am using Sharon Stuarts.1 template "copy of wedding art 8th October" I would like to edit the words at the bottom which are "kelly and Sam" 13th October 2018". I noticed that if I press edit, I can move it anywhere on the page, however I cannot delete or edit. How can you add a text box outside of the actual image?
11 months ago
Hi Leanne. Here is how you can do that. Change "Kelly and Sam" text (let's say to "John and Mary" ) in the words section and visualize. Then you will notice that "Kelly and Sam" text disappeared and "John and Mary" appeared at the center. Then move "John and Mary" to the bottom (where you want it to be) and visualize again. Repeat the same steps for the "13th October 2018" text.
Edited 02 Aug, 2019 14:34
11 months ago
Of course! how dumb of me, the answer was staring at me all along, I was trying for an hour, thank you so much smile


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