1 year ago
I'm having a little trouble with the emojis.
I tried to follow the instructions ("Click on an icon to copy its code to the clipboard and then paste it into the words section of your word art." ) Pardon my ignorance, but where is the "clipboard"? I thought I'd looked everywhere, but couldn't find it nor the emojis I'd selected.
Sorry, I feel a little silly, but thank you for your help!
Edited 01 Apr, 2023 05:12
1 year ago
OMG, I got it to work! Pressing control + v, then the visualize button…
I just had assumed it would have automatically appeared on the clipboard (the space for the words I've already been using, haha), but I just watched the "Happy Birthday" tutorial which showcased the emojis, and now it makes sense. : )
Wow, I feel silly. But thank you!!
1 year ago
I love Word Art, by the way! It's wonderful!
9 months ago
Hello! 😊🎨

No need to feel silly! I'm here to help you with your emoji question. 🌟✨

The "clipboard" refers to a temporary storage area on your device where copied items are saved. When you click on an emoji icon and copy its code, it is saved to your clipboard so you can paste it elsewhere, such as in the "words" section of your word art.

To access the clipboard on most devices, you can simply tap and hold in a text field where you want to paste the emoji. Then, an option to paste from the clipboard should appear. You can select that option to paste the copied emoji code into your word art.

If you're still having trouble finding the emojis you've selected, you can try using the emoji keyboard on your device. On most devices, you can access the emoji keyboard by tapping on the smiley face or globe icon on your keyboard.

I hope this helps! Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any more questions. Enjoy creating your word art with emojis! 🎉🌈


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