Editing question : )

6 months ago
So, I don't know if this has already been asked and answered (my apologies!), but I had a little editing question.
I wanted to split a sentence in one of my images onto two lines (the way you can in a Word document). I see that you can enlarge and shorten a line of text, but you can't just press "enter" and have half the text on a second line (if that makes sense).
The reason I ask is because I'm trying to create something for a t-shirt, and I don't think it will fit well all in one line (it will also have more impact with more of the text centred).
Or, is this something I could do after I've downloaded the image? Sorry, I'm new at all of this, and I'm not sure how best to proceed. I just want to move things around a little to how I'd like the finished product to look.
But I love this program, and am very appreciative!
Thank you for your help, and for having created such a fun program! (Especially for a techie novice, haha).
Happy New Year!
6 months ago
Hi, here is how you can do that:
- split your sentence into 2 lines in the words section.
- visualize your word art
- switch to the edit mode and move 2 parts of your sentence to look like one split sentence, I also suggest to make them the same color
- visualize your word art again to fill gaps
6 months ago
Thank you so much!!
I really appreciate your help. : )


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