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2 months ago
Hi Alex.
I need my wordart for a t-shirt, i want to print it with
First i tried the free png. I uploaded it, but it was to small, i can't make it as big as i wanted on the Shirt.
So i paid for a bigger hq size. But spreadshirt cannot upload it. I guess it's too big now. They say it should have less than 4000 pixel on the largest side. and maximum 10Mb. They accept png, svg, ai, … I prefer vektor because the Shirt is Black and i want White letters.
Thank you, lisa
2 months ago
Hello Lisa, I recommend that you download in PNG format and try to send it again. You won't be charged for downloading the same image again.

To remove the background please do the below before downloading:
- switch to the Style section
- click on the "make transparent" button
- set the "background image" slider to zero


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