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7 months ago

I was wondering how can I download all in one click. PNG, jpg,SVG,html and everything that is listed in download drop menu.
It will take forever to download each one by one and naming the files and putting them in correct folder.

It would be better if there is a one click download all az zip or rar named as per wordart file name.

Is this available and if yes where?

If not, please add this functionality.
I am always scared that when I click download second time on same design to get all file types I will lose HD download count. And I could also miss click with mouse.

Thank you.
7 months ago
Hello! Thank you for the suggestion. We will consider implementing that in future versions of the software. In the meantime don't be scared downloading your image again in another HQ format because you won't be charged if you didn't make any changes.
7 months ago
Thank you, but the trick here is that I want to switch from a single payment to yearly or monthly.

With that, I get an unlimited download. I would like to be able to create a design, save all file formats, re-visualize, and save all, re-visualize, save all, over and over. So I can have the same design concept in different word distributions. If I have to click and wait for download, naming, folder picking 7 times for each visualization…

As per your opinion, is this feature something that will take longer to incorporate into the website script code? Like more than two months?

is it possible to also add multiple downloads of selected arts? For example, to be able to select wordarts from created and download all file formats of all of them in one click, in the menu where we have our wordarts list?

If so can you ask your programer (or if it is you) can an external script be created and used that will automate download from the site, I am looking at something like this

I would ideally set it so it also creates new visualization and download all files by itself.

Thank you.
Edited 11 Apr, 2022 08:16
7 months ago
Today a new version has been released with the "download all as a zip file" option
7 months ago

ZIP has PNG, JPG, SVG, PDF, and words data in CSV and HTML, all inside correct?

Sorry because I can't test now, I am still on the downloads package deal.
7 months ago
Zip has everything except the CSV data. You can always download it for free.
7 months ago
Oh, that's unfortunate. That means I have to download and add to zip myself.

But OK. This is a HUGE help.

Thank you.


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