Counting phrases correctly

2 weeks ago
Hi all,
Do you know how to combine phrases once you've imported things in? I choose CSV format and it doesn't separate things word by word. For example, it doesn't separate blue bird into blue and bird. But it also counts each blue bird as 1. So I put in a list of phrases, and blue bird was in there four times, but it gave me four rows of blue birds with a count of 1, instead of one row of blue bird with a count of 4. Help?
2 weeks ago
Hi! That's right. CSV format takes each word / phrase on a line exactly as it is with count of 1. To achieve what you want you need to use "~" as a non-breaking space in your text and disable the "CSV format" option. Your text should like like this:

blue~bird white yellow green~grass blue~bird


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