7 years ago

I sent you an e-mail but have not recieved any reply for that. I would like to buy the API aswe require it on our commercial site.
Please share the details how I can get it and pay for it.


7 years ago

Hi Dolly,

API access is on-hold currently and I don't provide it.
I am planning to re-develop it and make available approximately in a month.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

7 years ago

I am really interested in this as well.
Should gererate som income for you I think.
Good luck on it.
BTW, for the API to be useful, it would have to include pretty much all the functionality as in the ui, clouds, color shapes, filtering, etc. I would pay for that service.

7 years ago

Good news! I've finished redesigning the API so you can use it from now on. Please visit API FAQ and your API account page for more info.


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