Another editing question...

1 week ago
Sorry! But I'm having another editing issue. : (
I would like to change the font of one word, and I tried switching to the editing mode and locking all words except the one intended (as I think I'm supposed to do). But when I do this, everything changes - the design, the colour, etc., but not the font, haha!
I tried changing to the editing mode, locking everything but the one word, and saving. I tried that, without saving. I tried the visualize and the animate buttons…But, for some reason, this time 'round, it's not working.
Have I missed a step?
I also tried duplicating the image, and starting fresh with another copy of the original image, but no luck.
Thank you very much for your help!
Edited 18 May, 2020 02:23
1 week ago
Hi, could you please record a small video using your smartphone demonstrating the problem and send it to the support, so I could see what you are doing wrong?


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