A couple of newbie questions

1 week ago

1. If I buy a pack/plan. How do I size my images? Before or after image setup? (e.g say how do I get a 5000 by 5000 pixel size) ? Create a canvas size before making or afterwards (At download)?

2. Can I even get large image files with 300dpi? (On a brought plan)

3. I see there is a gallery option where others can access art made by others. I don’t want what I make public, is this possible or does it all go public?

Sorry If too many questions. It is just a really cool site, but I don’t want to spend money if I can’t get the size/DPI I want.
1 week ago

1. You can set the canvas size using the custom download option after creating your design
2. Yes, you can. Use the custom download option for that.
3. All your word artworks are private by default therefore nobody can see them. You can make them public if you wish.
1 week ago
Thank you smile


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