please add these features too

7 months ago
* Make it possible for each character to get a completely random color
* add an digit value editbox to put the distance between the characters, even this distance can be set negative so that the characters overlap, for example, by two negative pixels,It can be used in CNC to produce a stencil in SVG export.

And after rendering we have a lot of characters,
* Mention the number of characters used somewhere
* Allow all characters to be reduced and enlarged. For example, I want all the characters used to be 3 pixels smaller or 5 pixels larger just at the their locations.
* Allow inside - let function to put small objects inside big ones or not.

and tell me how can I create Portrait with at least number of characters like this:

Thank you
7 months ago
Hi there, thank you for your features proposal, I'll consider them for inclusion in future versions of the software. Many of those changes (like changing characters colors for example) you can make in Adobe Illustrator (or other vector editing software) after downloading your word art image in a HQ vector format.


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