Paula A Price

1 year ago
You probably have had this disappointment shared numerous times, but I will joint the dismay. Presenting a product as having full capabilities is misleading and borders on false advertising. The selling feature of your product is its animation. That you lead with it to gain a sale is unethical. If the main selling feature is not available a disclaimer should be conspicuously noted on the sight, pay page, gallery or library. May I suggest you expedite the provision of that feature or accentuate ts inaction. Without it, you are just another word cloud generator, no different from any other. smile
1 year ago
Hi! Thank you for your opinion.

The animation is not the only selling point. I wish the animation worked in the downloadable formats but unfortunately it is not technically feasible. The animation works only in browsers and you can embed your animated word art on your web page without paying anything. Or you can share your word artwork's link from the Share menu that will point to the animated version.
1 year ago
Hi Alex, thank you for responding.

You should know a seller's closing selling point is what the buyer needs or expects. I am a university educator with students worldwide. Most of my lessons are in powerpoint with robust animation. While your word cloud development feature is appreciable, in today's world animation is key. Downloadable finished products make the presentation. When they are not packed and carry as created, it is depreciating. Having to logon for the very reason I bought your product in areas where wifi is wobbly adds to the disappointment. However, this situation and your response speak to users in densely populated and rich transmission supplied areas. These are usually cosmopolitan ones. It does not serve the majority of users scattered throughout less sophisticated parts of the world. As a leader over up and coming tomorrowists, this perspective is well circulated.

Thank you however for your prompt reply. I will not recommend your product due to its misleading sales approach. Although, I must admit I enjoyed spending two days with Wordart and will, as a result, settle for the static downloads you provide instead of asking for a refund.
1 year ago
Your feedback forced me to dig deeper into the problem and here are the results. A new word cloud creator version has been just released that has the new HTML (animated) download option. It will allow you to download your word art image in HTML format that can be opened in any browser and the animation will work there.

Regarding the PowerPoint presentation, the best you can do is to add a picture of your word art to your presentation and then link it to the HTML version of your word art. Then during your presentation you will be able to click on the picture to make the interactive version of your word art appear. Use ALT-TAB to switch back to your presentation.

Please take into account that you won't be charged for downloading a same image again even in different formats.
1 year ago
I am a new paid user (about 2 hours). I've downloaded the animated html and pasted into a WordPress website using Elementor (a WordPress editor). Unfortunately, the elements of the webpage underneath the pasted animation are not rendering correctly. I wonder if you can give any tips to resolve? Thanks!
1 year ago
Hi! Please send the URL of the web page where you embedded your word art to the support so I could check what is wrong there


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