Inverting the cloud

4 years ago
Is there a way to invert it. Say like the double swirly heart has the words in the heart. What about inverting it so the words are on the outside of the heart, but the double heart shape is inside the words and transparent or white.
4 years ago
You can invert only the shapes you add or the shapes from the geometric category. But you can add the swirly heart shape as a custom shape and then invert it. Here is how to do it:

- Copy the swirly heart image url to the clipboard
- Add the first tile in the shapes section and paste the copied url into the image link field
- Invert the shape

Also you can download the image and invert / edit it any other image editor and then use it as your word cloud's custom shape.
Edited 16 Feb, 2017 07:59
2 years ago
Can u explain this better? I want to have my words on the page outside the letter J instead of inside the letter J. How do i do that?
2 years ago
Hi Kacky123@, the easiest way to do this is to click on the "add text" feature, input J letter and enable the negative button.


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