center lines and page crop marks

1 year ago
Hi there

Just wondering if we could have these features, center lines and page crop marks, back without the grid please. They are really useful but the grid caused us lots of issues.
Also could we ask that when we import the words none of the tick boxes are pre ticked?

Thanks smile
1 year ago
Hello, could you please elaborate on what issues the grid causes, so I can try to fix them?
1 year ago
The issue is that we can't view the words in position easily, they overlap and it's not easy to view this with the grid in place. Once we have downloaded it is easy to view the overlapped words.

We found the guidelines and centrepoint very useful.

Also could we ask that when we import words, that none of the tick boxes are pre ticked, we have to untick every time we create a design?
1 year ago
Hi, the guidelines and centrepoint are back. Regarding the import words checkboxes, many other users find them useful. I'll think about how it can be improved.
1 year ago
Thank you Alex, appreicate it.

If possible it would be great if it could be defaulted to the login and so it would be perfect for each of your users.
11 months ago
Hi kasey281979,

The words import checkboxes are now disabled by default for your account.
Edited 10 Aug, 2023 12:56
11 months ago
Thanks Alex, thats great news! smilesmile


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