Unable to login with new paid account

9 months ago
Yesterday I paid for an account and got one email (the receipt). I think I was supposed to get two emails with the second being the directions to create an account. I never got this email.

If I try to create an account with the email I paid with I get a message that the email already has an account. If I try to do a password reset with that email I never get the password reset email in my account. (I have checked my spam folder).

I created this account with a different email address just so I can post the problem I'm having on this forum.

Email I paid with is richedgar with domain hotmail.

Richard Edgar
9 months ago
Hello Richard,

I've anwsered you by email.
8 months ago
Hello Alex,

I am having the exact same challenge as Richard. I purchased a download package with my main email account - Oyetola.oduyemi@yahoo.co.uk When I tried to create an account with the same email address, it says the email already has an account. I clicked on reset password, and still don't have the link almost an hour after.

I created this with another email just to seek help, I sent an SOS message to the contact address and it says it will take 24 hours to respond. I don't have 24 hours, I need this resolved urgently as I have placed an order and need to download the graphics like yesterday, so I can get delivery of the items tomorrow.

Please help!

Thank you,
Oyetola Oduyemi
8 months ago
Hello Oyetola,

I've answered you by email.


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