Saved Word Art But They Are Missing?

3 years ago
Hello. I am not sure what happened. How many Word Art Projects can you save at one time? Does a new project save over top the last one?

I created over 20 Word Art for a project of mine. Each time I was finished with one, I named it and clicked save and then I went about making another one, finished named it, and clicked save.

Each time I received a popup box that claimed my Word Art was saved, so I thought all was good, but then when I went to find all my work and decide which to purchase, there is only two there, which is the two that I have opened currently.

This does not make sense, as I gave each Word Art a unique name, and I should have about 20 there. I just redid one and saved it again, and again received the same popup that it was saved, when I to my main page to see, it appears that it saved over the former one.

Does this mean that each time I click save and even though I gave each a new name that it just saves over top of the last project, meaning that thereby lost all my former projects?

I have spent hours upon hours doing this and now I do not know what to do.
3 years ago
Hi! When you click "Save" you overwrite the previous version even if you changed its name. You should have clicked "Save as" from the Menu at the top to create a new wordart and keep the old one. Unfortunately there is no way to recover the word artworks you overwrote.
3 years ago
Thanks so much for your reply. I understood what had happened after writing my original post. If you are open to user feedback, though, the trouble is the site does not inform me that I am overwriting the old with the new.

Since changing the name of the file in other programs saves a new version alongside the old version(s), rather than overwriting it, and also particularly because the popup informed me that I had saved it successfully, I thought I was doing this correctly. The assumption and not versing myself enough about the nuances of your particular site is my mistake.

With that said, most of my digital work is automatic, based on my experiences with other sites and programs. So in order to perhaps work with the intuitive-driven user a bit more, I believe the small pop up window that lets us know, "Your word art has been successfully saved," should read something more to the effect of, "Your word art has been successfully saved, overwriting all former version despite any name change," which would have provided me more of a heads up.

This could even inform us, "If you would like to save this as a separate Word Art, use the 'save as' feature under the menu." But this last part is not as necessary, as the heads up because I would have known to check and find the "save as" feature.

Ultimately, I do appreciate your site, your products, and its customization. It's just difficult to spend time on a project and lose it.

Thanks again for your time.
3 years ago
Thank you for you feedback! A new version of software has been just released that asks you whether you want to rename or save as new after changing name.


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