Colour locking

2 years ago
Hi Alex, up until just if I moved a word within an image it would then change to the colour of that section so for example. If I had a black silhouette and a red heart and I wanted a word in the red heart from out the black silhouette I would move the word over then re visualise and the word would turn red to match the heart. Now though it is locking the colour to what it was before? Why is this happening? Its causing me such a headache when people are specific about what words they want where.
2 years ago
if you want an example if you look at the welsh flag and move a word from the red to the green it still stays red whereas it used to turn green as it was now in the green section. Please change it back to how it was
2 years ago
Hi linzi2512! Thank you for reporting the issue. It was introduced in the latest release and I've just rolled it back the way it was. Please reload your word art and try again.
Edited 03 Oct, 2018 06:23


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