Clarity question

8 months ago
Hi, I used a font to create my "shape", and when I zoom in, it looks very jagged and pixelated along the edges. I want the shape color to show behind the design. I have tried several different methods to create a cleaner image, and nothing is working. I am wondering if the problem is the font itself, or the type of font….or if perhaps the preview is the real issue, and a high quality image would actually be OK. Can you look at the file and see how it will turn out if I download a high quality image? If not, do you have any suggestions?

Thanks smile
8 months ago
Hi! How did you create the shape image? Could you please send to the support the image you created and uploaded?
Edited 04 Jun, 2019 11:42
8 months ago
Hi Alex, sorry for the delay. Thank you so much for reviewing everything. I need to read your emails carefully and try a few more things, then I will get back to you with results.


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